Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chp.2 Preview


sshafty1 said...

Hi, Marcel.

The name's Sam, I'm a voice actor, and your art is rather impressive. I invite you to consider the possibility of adding audio dialogue to your animation.

Though it seems like it COULD take away from what you've got going, honestly, if done correctly, they should improve it greatly.

Send me an email at sam.haft @ gmail.com

I would love to talk to you about this.

Zeca said...

Wonderful work you got there, keep it up!

Marcel said...


i'm not against the idea of voices. It's something worthwile. But still would need to find the people and as you said it would add greatly if well executed, though also could be distracting if not. and for now the priority is moving forward on the episodes. Wouldn't mind hearing examples of your work in any case.

sshafty1 said...

Well Marcel, do you have any way I can reach you and leave some sort of sample or anything?


Davide said...

Great job man!