Tuesday, April 14, 2009


it's done!

you can find it here.


Zamoure said...

You can FIND it Here..

smbhax said...

I think it's interesting!

Are you using bitmaps (rather than vectors) for the character art? I'm doing that as well, but I noticed that Flash doesn't handle transparent edges very well--they come out as white jaggies. I'm getting around that by making my entire scene (character and background) a single bitmap, but I guess it would be too bandwidth-intensive for you to do that in full color (mine's black & white).

I wonder if there's another solution to those jaggies? Have you tried converting your bitmaps into vectors? I tried it, didn't seem to work so well. =p

smbhax said...

I just noticed how the sun goes down during the encounter on the roof. Neat!

Marcel said...

thanks! fixed!

Marcel said...

to rid of the jaggy edges it's best to import the .psd or what have you to the size that you intend it to be. Flash doesn't scale bitmaps well (which makes zooming on an image particularly ugly.

As for bitmaps being too large that usually is fixed when the flash file is compressed, it would have to be pretty bitmap intensive for it to become large.

I use bitmaps. vector tends to look too clean for my tastes, but then it all depends on what your aiming for.

I had considered converting bitmaps to vectors but in my experience it results in a loss of quality in the image, i'm sure if the drawing is done with a very clean line with high contrast it would work out better.

smbhax said...

Yeah, cool. I'm glad to find someone else who prefers bitmaps, even in Flash. I've never liked working with vectors for some reason--too mechanical-feeling, maybe.

I render my bitmaps full-frame out of Photoshop and a gif animation program, so mine *are* bitmap intensive (~1000 717x375 bitmaps per Flash animation); this lets me avoid Flash's ugly scaling and edging problems. I get around the file size issue by reducing the bitmaps to 8 colors before importing them. That works for black and white, but it wouldn't work well for rich color like yours has, I think.

Do you draw your stuff in Photoshop, or do you use some other program?

Anonymous said...

Almost excelent...

A technical recomendation:
In the flash librery right clic in every image goto properties and mark the option "Allow smooting".

That's makes flash doen't "hardlines" the Tweens in your work And get a soft and smooth alpha even with parcial alphas.

I'm waiting for chapter 3.

Anonymous said...

ok I can't resist it anymore so here is an example. I hope this can help You.

just in case http://h1.ripway.com/32096440/example.swf