Monday, May 23, 2011

Sound Effects

I realize I haven't properly credited the fine work of the people who made the fantastic sound effects that I've used thus far in FAUX. Though this has been corrected in the credits on the third chapter of FAUX, I would still like to give credit where it's due.

The sound samples come from The FreeSound Project.

It's an absolutely fantastic resource for sounds no matter what your project may be, there's tons and tons of great work. And it's licensed under creative commons.

Here's a list of the people whos work i've used:

raubana, batchku, dobriode, ashassin, DJ Chronos, Noise Collector, cmusounddesign, kevinkace, DalomarGrimm, Benboncan, Robinhood76, greyseraphim, sandyrb, Zoom H4, thebondman, redjim, FreqMan, BristolStories, uzerx, Syna-Max, petenice, JCambs1990, digifishmusic, ERH, amszala, rastataper, strangely_gnarled, elveto, tigersound, ReWired, Igarrett, Raman Coco, Walter Odington, pagancow, eliasheuninck, 3bagbrew, Pogotron, limitedheadroom, kayasavas87, Noise Cuisine, cosmicconfuision, Benboncan, qubodup, Koops, cumesoftware, sagetyrtle, sdfalk, RHumphries, themfish, datasoundsample, HerbertBoland, nicStage, hello_flowers, aust_paul, Matt_G, plagasul, JCH321, melack, martian, daveincamas, andriala, jackstrebor, Sergenious, cognito perceptu, TwisitedLemon, Percy Duke, Abyssmal, scriptique, Corsica_S, iwilldstroyu, emmanuel, hiramjustus, scarfield, elmomo, Q.K., alp1254

hopefully I haven't left any one out.

Once again many thanks to the community.

About Fressounds:
The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs.Link

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