Sunday, July 03, 2011

A trip down memory lane

A friend and colleague of mine impressed upon me the importance of keeping your old drawings. In a work sense it can be helpful in case that sketch you did and tossed out turned out to be the right idea. Someone might appreciate that drawing that you don't care much for. Also It's fun to travel back and see how far you've progressed (or not).

And it's just plain fun to rifle through old drawings, bringing back memories of where you were, and who even, when you commited those strokes to the page.

I have a borderline problem though with keeping drawings, I've got piles of paper with a couple of round circles that i've kept, the beginning construction of a drawing stillborn. So I was attempting a round of drawing housekeeping and came across some old FAUX drawings from 2002, I picked a couple of 'em to scan and share.

This was my first drawing of Jan eva! I'm very glad I found it and really should keep better care rather than throwing it into a heap, because it's special to me :)
It's interesting the elements that have lasted over the years. Her look was based on Mia Kirschner and Angelina Jolie in Hackers. Gone are the flapper curls and the BATTLEAXE hair do!

So this is from 2002 possibly 2001. Was the first page of the comic, I think I redid the beginning a trillion times. Also had an aversion to pupils at the time for some reason.

Same page, two tries. Jan was locked in perpetual fish mouth at the time. At some point the Nostra slums moved east. Hooray! for pencil crayons!

I believe this is 2002 also, some grayscale marker work, Jan's hair is softened. The search continues to figure out how to construct that battleaxe.

I think this is from the same period as above. late 2002 perhaps.

Late 2002 also.

2002, some pencil work with photoshop. this is a scan of a inkjet print out. I do actually think I have a copy on a floppy somehwere :)

Egads 10 years!

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