Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FAUX Chapter 1 - deleted scenes

It's time for a weekly backup of the project, it's getting a little large (120gigs!), I will need a new hard disk soon, Especially with Episode 5 in 720p, it's getting mighty heavy already. So while I've been waiting for the backup to finish I've been going through the labyrinth of folders and finding long forgotten drawings and things of the sort, specifically I've been looking at deleted scenes, of which there are more than I remembered. Thought I might post them for the hell of it.

So here's what I've found for Chapter 1 (2009 version), I'll likely follow up with the others as well.

These drawings are from 2008, originally Chapter 1 started with a flashback. It never got much farther than an animatic and these 3 unfinished scenes. It didn't really add anything, so was rightly cut. This version was very short lived. I thought it would be best to start with some action, but ultimately felt it ruined the feel of the sequence that followed it.

This was meant to be an establishing shot for the 2nd sequence. I was never happy with it. There's way too many problems with this drawing to get into. It's sloppy and symmetrical among other things, oh the lighting is bad. Oh wait, i'm getting into it aren't I? It wasn't needed once the flashback sequence was axed.

The girl awakens from a dream. I slap myself for this one. It's a bit of a cliche someone sitting up in a huff from a nightmare. This was one the first scenes done. I think it was actually partially animated. (it's someone in the folder labyrinth). I was yet unsure how far to go between animation and motion comics at this point.

There was a scene where Armand and Tet get chewed out by their boss. You may recognize this guy from a couple scenes in the trailer. He's important further on in the story but at one point he was meant to appear earlier, but this was deemed unnecessary.

As hard as it is sometimes you have to cut stuff sometimes. The biggest mistake would be to fall in love with your work and be blinded to the necessity of  making those tough choices. 

Well I must say I quite enjoyed that rummaging session. I hope it was interesting for you too. I think I'll dig some more!

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