Sunday, October 09, 2011

An Octember Update.


Two things to talk about.

Firstly. The Faux5 Indiegogo perks.

I'm working on getting the Chapter 5 IndieGogo perks out to the contributors ASAP. I'm still in the process of making the DVD, having a really hard time settling on a cover. I might post up the roughs and hopefully you can help me decide. Also I'll put up a list of the stuff that's on the disk when it's ready.

Secondly. Chapter 6 news. Weeeee!

I've been secretly working on it inside my bunker for a while now, that's the good news I guess. Bad news?The device that delivers intermittent  food pellets necessary to sustain my presence on this mortal coil, has ceased functioning.

In between my attempts to tunnel out of here using nothing but an old copy of Consumer report McGuyvered into a shovel, I will finish the Chapter no.6.

Animation will be starting, this week. (VERY EXCITED!)

Seondly and a half. 

Gonna need a couple OR more man voices. So if you got a man voice stay tuned here this week for more informacione por favor. 

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