Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casting for Voice Actors

Hello Everyone,

As work continues on Chapter 4, pre-production for the 5th chapter has begun. The reason I'm working on the two concurrently is because Chapter 5 will be adding animation and voices, so there's tons of setup work involved so I'm trying to get a head start. For the moment I'm looking for the leads (Jan and Armand) other roles will follow.

FAUX is an epic adventure, mystery set in alternate universe. The story follows a police officer named Armand who after investigating a murder meets up with a girl who bears a striking resemblance to the victim. His curiosity peeked he investigates further. But soon finds himself thrust between two powerful factions in conflict, with Jan in the center, but what is her true role in all of this?

It started off as an episodic motion comic series. There are 3 episodes completed to date with the 4th in the works. FAUX will now move into the realm of animation and voice acting.

FOR MORE INFO: check the links on the right------>
There's the trailer as well as the first 3 episodes.

Since this is a series that will hopefully be around for a while, I prefer respondants who are interested in being with the series for the long haul. In terms of payment, it's to be determined based on the final budget, right now I'm trying to raise funding for Chp.5 over at IndieGoGo, more news to come on that front.

If you're interested in the role there will be directions for each role, and lines to use (The directions will be along the lines of the intention of the line/scene, I'd rather leave things open for you to explore how you prefer to get there. I'm looking for people who can act (obviously), who can take direction as well as have their opinion. You might see the line differently and have a better suggestion, in the end what's important is the intention gets across.

This audition is open to pretty much anyone who's interested, though if you are working at a distance you will need a decent quality mic. Also we'd meet up on skype in either voice or chat to discuss the lines/direction, voice is probably preferable due to ease of communication.

You may send multiple takes if you wish within reason. A good method is the "series of three", you do take A then B and when you do C it's a mix of the two.
There's an interesting article about it at if you're interested.

Okay! I think that's done. I'm going to try and avoid burdening you with too much backstory and things of that nature, concentrate on the scene and bring you're own interpretation.

NB: Sometimes dialogue on paper doesn't come off quite right when it's spoken. Feel free to change the wording around if neccessary. As long as the essence of the information that needs to come across stays intact.

NB2: Although the dialogues are pulled from existing scenes don't feel bound by their lengths, if you need to change the timing, do so. Work within the space you feel works.

If you have any questions you can email me at marsoupskin at gmail dot com or post it in the comments section of the post.

Thanks for your time and interest in the project and i'm looking forward to seeing your work. please send all recordings to marsoupskin at gmail dot com, with the subject:
*character name*audition.

Deadline for auditions is 2 weeks hence:
july 20th, 2011

Without further ado:

The lines are taken from chapter 3, though slightly altered.


Jan is one of the two main protagonists. She's nonchalant, she has a calm, thoughtful demeanor for her age.

The Lines:

(JAN is in a state of shock after almost being killed at the police station just minutes before, she's feeling quite vulnerable and is increasingly suspicious of Armand since all this trouble started since she met him.)

"Armand. What the hell just happened?" "I mean, first those Reuger (pronounced: roy-guhr) guys show up. Now this?" "This all started with you." "And when you look at me. I dunno, there's something. Something you're not telling me."

Any questions you can ask them in the comment section, or fire off an email :) marsoupskin at gmail dot com

age: 28

The other protagonist. I don't have a specific voice in mind for Armand, so I'm open to your interpretation.

The Lines:

1. (JAN has asked ARMAND to level with him about what he knows concerning why she was being held by REUGER and the nature of the attack. ARMAND is forced to admit that he kept this information from her.)

"Reuger (pronounced: roy-guhr) did tell me some things." "I'm sorry. I didn't want to alarm you."

2.(The following dialogue comes after JAN berates ARMAND for lying to her before. After calming down she pleads with him to be open with her. And she needs to know she can trust him. ARMAND feels terrible for misleading JAN, even if his intentions were good.)

"Listen, I realize that was stupid of me. I had no right to keep that from you. There's no excuse." "I promise, from here on out. You can trust me. I'll hold nothing back."

Any questions you can ask them in the comment section, or fire off an email :) marsoupskin at gmail dot com

Thank you!


Mick said...

So epic. Expect an audition fairly soon :)

CWolf said...

Awesome. Good luck on getting the auditions! =)

Drew Gulak said...

Hey, I just watched the trailer over on Newgrounds and I think I'd like to try out some voice acting for this. I've done a good amount of acting and you can look up some of my recent stuff online just by googling my name. It's not what you would typically expect. Please get in touch with me via e-mail:

I wouldn't be looking for compensation, but if there happened to be some I'm certainly not opposed to it. Thanks.

Kpheeyat said...

Working on the audition as we speak. Watched the whole thing a few times over to get the right feeling of the male character :)

Jack said...

i can tell that there is going to be a lot of guys competing for the part of armand. its almost discouraging to enter the running, almost.

Jack said...
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John Milton said...

“Congratulations Marcel Laurin! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”