Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FAUX5: further casting. (Lhasa)

Have another role to fill for Episode 5.

Here are the details.

Age: 32

info: she is confident, determined and has a single-mindedness in her duty. She isn't afraid to make tough choices even at the expense of others. She is calm under pressure.

There will be two lines for the audition there are below:

1st line:
"Don't be foolish. You know very well you are here because I allow it. And you leave here by the same grace."

2nd line:
"Not at all. This is dead serious. Perhaps i'm just nervous."
(This line is said mockingly.)


-Deadline is: 20th August 2011
-please send the files in mp3 format unzipped to marsoupskin AT gmail DOT com

Thanks and good luck to everyone who auditions!

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Jonathan said...

Need any understudies?
...He said hopefully.