Sunday, August 28, 2011

FAUX5: work in progress, a bit of animation.

It's not finished by any means. But you get the idea.


Jan Willem said...

That looks awesome, can't wait for the finished episode!

Peter K. said...

I for one have always thought those big lips were awesome.

But the voice . . . I don't know. Somehow I always imagined her speaking French. And with a more "open", less cagey or suspicious, manner of speech.

Marcel said...

I think her lips are slighty too large afterall, mostly the top one. I've since corrected it, looks better. Jan's got big lips but sometimes i lose control of them without noticing. I should dig up a bunch of really extreme cases. For a post, some are terrifying.

@Peter K. Speaking french? Accent or actual language?
How would that work I wonder...

Peter K. said...

I don't know.

I think partly I'm so used to watching anime with subtitles, that in my mind the presence of text on screen in any form partly tricked my brain into thinking they must be speaking another language.

The series always gave me some sort of European vibe, although I couldn't pinpoint exactly why (uniforms maybe?). And Jan had a certain je ne sais quoi that made me think French.

Though oddly I never really thought much about the male protagonist speaking anything other than English, so maybe Jan would just have an accent.

(Also I speak pretty much no French, so English (or subtitles) would be necessary for full appreciation in my case at least.)

Marcel said...

@Peter K. That's an interesting perception. I admit I never really thought of it that way.

I was living in Paris when I made chapter 1 and 2, that rubbed off on me. As for the uniforms the Nostran police uniforms are partly inspired by German police at least as far as the colour goes. (for me it was a very strange thing green clad cops when I seen that the first time.) so some euro stuff there.